Friday, April 21, 2006

CFP: Early Modern Women Writers Across Borders


Early Modern Women Writers Across Borders

A session at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, 22-24 March 2007 in Miami, Florida

Early modern women writers are frequently examined in terms that are limited to their own countries. And yet, we might fruitfully compare women writers in different countries and look at how women writers themselves transcended national boundaries, by participating in international debates, translating texts, situating themselves in relation to writers from abroad, and in numerous other ways.

Proposals are invited for presentations on early modern women writers and their relationships to other European countries. What can be gained from looking at early modern women writers across borders?

Proposals are requested on any theme provided the papers move beyond national boundaries in their examination of early modern women writers. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

Please e-mail an abstract and a brief curriculum vitae to Martine van Elk at as soon as possible, but no later than May 12, 2006.

This session will be sponsored by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at California State University, Long Beach

Martine van Elk , Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach, Department of English


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very grateful to you for this site, as it is quite hard to keep track of conferences etc., especially from my location in distant Australia: please keep it up!

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Blogger Adam said...

thanks! glad you find it useful.


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