Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Reminder: Court Culture Conference, Hampton Court

Court Culture 1642-1660

Thursday 29 June, Kingston University, Friday 30 June, Hampton Court Palace

For further information and registration please contact the organizers Jerome de Groot: or Peter Sillitoe:

Professor John Astington (University of Toronto)
Gretchen Smith (Southern Methodist University)
Patricia Phillipy (Texas A&M University)
Alice Eardley (University of Warwick)
Jerome de Groot (University of Manchester)
Peter Sillitoe (University of Sheffield)
Jason Peacey (History of Parliament)
James Knowles (University of Keele)
Edith Snook (University of New Brunswick)
Nigel Smith (Princeton University)
Ann Hughes (University of Keele)
Julie Sanders (University of Nottingham)
Karen Britland (University of Keele)
Professor Blair Worden (Royal Holloway College)
Andrew Barclay (History of Parliament)
Patrick Little (History of Parliament)
Paul Hunneyball (History of Parliament)
Geoffrey Smith (University of Melbourne)
David Scott (History of Parliament)
Simon Thurley (English Heritage)
Edward Holberton (Oxford)
Murray Pittock (University of Manchester)
Clare Jackson (Trinity Hall, Cambridge)
Toby Jackson (Hertford College, Oxford)
Edward Corp (University of Toulouse)


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