Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baroque Ballet Weekend Workshop

Teachers, Choreographers, Students and Professionals are Welcomed to join Catherine Turocy for the Baroque Ballet Weekend Workshop

When: Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6, 2006
Tuition: $120
Where: The School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas (in Lakewood), 1902 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75214

Classes Saturday, August 5
10-12 Baroque Ballet Technique/Minuet variations
12-12:30 Lunch (please bring a bag lunch)
12:30-1 discussion
1-3 Reading and Choreographing Minuets
Classes Sunday, August 6
10-12 Baroque Ballet Technique/Bouree and Sarabande variations
12- 12:30 Lunch (please bring a bag lunch)
12:30-1 discussion
1-3 Reading and choreographing Bourees and Sarabandes

Join Catherine Turocy, artistic director and choreographer of The New York Baroque Dance Company (www.nybaroquedance.org) and learn the early ballet technique of 18th century Europe. Learn to read their dance notation and to recognize choreographic structures established in the period which are still current today. The goal of the workshop is to get the student started on a road to discovery and to gain practical knowledge of the dance notation short hand used by 18th century ballet masters and amateurs all over Europe and America.

To register for the workshop please send your name, phone and address and a brief description of your dance experience to Catherine Turocy, 2300 Auburn Avenue, Dallas, Texas, 75214. Include a registration fee of $20 which will go toward the balance of the tuition. The remainder of the tuition is due July 5th. It is also possible to pay the full tuition at the time of registration. Checks can be made to Catherine Turocy. For further information please call 214-328-1713.


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