Saturday, May 20, 2006



Fifteenth Annual California State University Shakespeare Symposium
CSU Long Beach, 90840
Saturday November 4, 2006

Abstracts for 15-minute papers are invited for the Fifteenth Annual California State University Shakespeare Symposium.

Papers may discuss, but are not limited to: Shakespeare and theory; Shakespeare in a global environment; Shakespeare and non-print media (including film); Shakespeare and performance; Shakespeare and the internet; Shakespeare after 1623; Shakespeare’s contemporaries; Shakespeare and the playing companies; Shakespeare and the visual arts; Shakespeare and London; Shakespeare and the question of Britain; Royal Shakespeare; Shakespeare’s theaters; Transmission of play-texts; Editing Shakespeare.

There will also be one or more pedagogy roundtables, depending on submissions (organized around genre, topic, or method), to discuss teaching Shakespeare at two-year and four-year colleges in survey and specialized courses.

Please send 200-300 word abstracts with a title and clear thesis or working argument and a 1-page resume by Saturday September 16, 2006 to:

Lloyd Kermode at
Associate Professor, Department of English, Co-Director, CSULB Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

(Abstracts submitted before September 1 will be acknowledged by return. Abstracts submitted between September 1 and September 16 will all be acknowledged on September 16.)


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