Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exile in the English Revolution and its Aftermath, 1640-1685

An interdisciplinary conference to be held at Senate House, London
28-29 July 2006
Hosted by the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London

The conference will explore the experiences of and responses to exile and defeat in the years 1640-1685, with reference both to physical displacement and inner withdrawal, retreat and retirement. The time-frame encourages an examination not only of Royalists but also of onetime Parliamentarians after the Restoration, including regicides.

Speakers: John Adamson (Cambridge), Jane Clark (independant scholar), Sue Clarke (Australian National University), John Cronin (European University Institute), Chris D'Addario (Gettysburg College), Gillian Darley (independent scholar), Paul Davis (University College, London), Martin Dzelzainis (Royal Holloway), Karen Hearn (Tate Britain), Ann Hughes (Keele), Laura Jacobs (Birkbeck), Marika Keblusek (Leiden), James Loxley (Edinburgh), Philip Major (Birkbeck), Sarah Mortimer ( (New College, Oxford), Annabel Patterson (Yale), Jason Peacey (History of Parliament), Joad Raymond (UEA), Timothy Raylor (Carleton), Julie Sanders (Nottingham), David Scott (History of Parliament), Nigel Smith (Princeton) and Robert Wilcher (Birmingham).

For information on registration please telephone Joanne Grubb, Institute of English Studies, on 020 7862 8675, or email


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