Friday, June 02, 2006


An interdisciplinary conference to be held at The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies Victoria College, University of Toronto 6-7 October 2006.

This interdisciplinary conference will examine the presence of the medieval past in the culture of Renaissance Europe. While the rejection of the medieval heritage and the renewal of classical ideals have traditionally been used to define the Renaissance, the undeniable continuum of medieval culture into the early modern period is undisputable, especially in light of recent scholarship on "early modern" Europe. Clearly, then, the transference and adaptation into the Renaissance of patently "medieval" elements of European civilization from Boethius to Boccaccio needs further investigation in order not only to validate their continued presence, but also to determine exactly how and what they contributed to the "renewal" we call the "Renaissance."

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Didn't that conference have a March 15th deadline?

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