Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Research Seminar on "Shakespeare, Appropriation, and the Ethical"

Shakespeare Association of America, San Diego, April 5 - April 7, 2007

Call for Papers: In what ways have the fields of Shakespearean interpretation, appropriation, translation, performance (film, theatre, online, TV, in English and worldwide, then and now) been informed by ethical questions? Are there patterns in the invocation of ethical concerns? What resources are available in critical theory that we might bring to bear on ethics and questions of authority, authenticity, and aesthetics? Participants may address these theoretical and other relevant questions, or problematize the ethical presumptions of all modes of confrontations including literary criticism as an act of appropriation.

Seminar Leaders: Ton Hoenselaars (Utrecht University) and Alexander C. Y. Huang (Pennsylvania State University)

Format: Registrants in SAA research seminars are expected to complete significant work in advance of the meeting: research papers, common readings, and bibliographic compilation. Seminars are appropriate for college and university faculty, independent scholars, and graduate students in the later stages of their doctoral work.

Register for this seminar and become a member of SAA online at:http://www.shakespeareassociation.org/

SAA Student Travel Awards
Twenty-five $300 awards will be given to dissertation-level students whose research will be most enhanced by seminar participation. See this website and the June 2006 bulletin for more information. Applications are due 15 November 2006. Details online: http://www.shakespeareassociation.org/


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