Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'Sex and the City': Inter-personal Relations in Britain 1500-1800

25 October 2006, Nottingham Trent University

The Forward early modern social history symposium provides an opportunity for postgraduates and academics to discuss their research. 'Sex and the City' aims to encourage considerations of inter-personal relations in Britain during the early modern period. Topics to be explored could include, but are not limited to, urban/rural comparative studies, homosexuality, bisexuality, infertility, courtship, place and space, lewd and bawdy texts/images, clothing and appearance, venereal disease, voyeurism and pornography, religious attitudes to sexual conduct. We are please to announce that Dr Martin Ingram (Brasenose College, Oxford) will be addressing as keynote speaker. Proposal of 300 words are invited.
Contact: Jennie Jordan,
School of Arts, Communication and Culture, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Lane, Nottingham NG11 8NS
Deadline for call for papers: 20 September 2006


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