Monday, June 26, 2006

Shakespeare: Violence & Terror

A Symposium
Saturday 5 August 2006

A Symposium hosted by Globe Education and initiated by Professor Richard Wilson (Cardiff), the 2006 International Globe Fellow, will be held to discuss the subject of Shakespeare: Violence & Terrorism. This symposium aims to bring together Shakespeare scholars, theatre historians and theologians in three planned sessions:

* 1606: Theatre in a Time of Terror
* Staging terror in Shakespeare's Playhouse
* From Terror to Toleration: Shakespeare for Today

The symposium will be held on Saturday 5 August 2006. By chance, this new date will be almost the exact 400th anniversary of the suggested first performance of Macbeth (at Hampton Court on August 7, 1606).

If you would like to attend the symposium, please RSVP to Farah Karim-Cooper by email ( no later than Friday 14 July 2006.

In the evening there will be a performance of Coriolanus. Please contact the box office if you would like tickets: 0207 401 9919 or visit


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