Friday, June 09, 2006

World Shakespeare Conference 2006 - India

This year’s conference to be held on 30 December 2006---03 January 2007, will negotiate the problematics associated with readings of Shakespeare in terms of multiple cultural variants. Central theme of the World Shakespeare Conference 2006 will be Signifying Shakespeare: Re-presentations in History and Society . It will therefore seek to address the following issues :

Oriental Shakespeares
Shakespeare in Translations/Adaptations/Appropriations
Shakespeare in Film
Shakespeare in Stage Performance
Future Shakespeares
Shakespeare from the Margin
Shakespeare and Culture Studies
Subaltern Shakespeare
Political Shakespeare
Shakespeare in the Asia Pacific
Euro-American Shakespeare
Shakespeare in South-East Asia

Send your abstract in not more than 300 words to

Amitava Roy :
Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay :
Subir Dhar :

Deadline for sending the abstract is 30 June 2006

Details at


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