Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Courtly Literature

XIIth Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society (ICLS):
A meeting on two sites in western Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne) in Summer 2007
29 July to 4 August 2007

An attractive region in the heart of Europe
Situated in the heart of Europe, the region around Lake Geneva provides an ideal setting for international meetings. With its airport and easy access from major European cities, it offers numerous tourist commodities and an environment that is well-preserved and justifiably famous. The cities of Geneva and Lausanne are renowned for their culture, which bears witness to the Middle Ages.

A federative theme
We would like to hold this meeting on a common theme, which would provide direction for our work, yet still allow sufficient scope for the illustration of individual research projects. We suggest:

Courtly Mythologies

This theme will be developed through four different lines of thought:

a) Exemplary figures
b) Gender definitions and courtly mythologies
c) Rites and performances of power
d) Questions of style and rewriting

We will gladly welcome proposals for thematic sessions organised by individual participants or groups of participants. To register and present a proposal go to web site

The official languages of ICLS are French, English and German. In line with Swiss linguistic tradition, communications in Italian will also be accepted.

A fertile collaboration between universities
The plan to hold this colloquium around Lake Geneva arose from the fruitful scientific collaboration between the departments of medieval studies at Geneva and Lausanne universities in a bid to strengthen their mutual interests and further their cooperation.

A congress with a rich and varied programme
Sessions on the first three days of the congress will take place on the beautiful site of the University of Lausanne, situated on the edge of Lake Geneva and linked to the centre of Lausanne by an underground train.
The last three sessions will take place at the University of Geneva, whose campus is situated in the heart of the city, at the foot of the old town. The congress will close in Geneva (where the airport is situated).
On the fourth day, there will be an optional excursion. Participants in this excursion can benefit from the means of transport at their disposal to go from one place of stay to the other.

The deadline for the registration is december 31, 2006. For further informations, see:


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