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“Mulieres Religiosae. Women and Religious Authority from the Middle Ages to the Present”

University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA)
March 1st-2nd 2007
International Workshop


Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should:

〈 be a graduate student or scholar in theology, history, the humanities (religious studies, medieval studies, gender studies, philosophy, art history, linguistics, literature, ) or the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, political sciences, law and economics) or other disciplines if engaged in relevant research
〈 have relevant previous experience and be active in relevant area of specialisation
〈 have a good command of English
〈 respect formal requirements of the application process

Application Procedure

Application documents should be submitted by October 10th 2006.
The application documents include:
1. Application form completed in English
2. Curriculum vitae, in English, with attached list of publications (if available)
3. Statement of purpose, maximum one page, in English, explaining applicant's current professional goals, and reasons for applying for participation
4. An outline of your proposed paper of maximum 2 pages, in English

The application package should be addressed to the address indicated at the end of this announcement.

Selection Process
The selection of participants will be made on a competitive basis. In the selection, the
profile of the selected group of participants as a whole will be taken in consideration. The purpose is to select a team that is as complementary, multidisciplinary and multicultural as possible.
The applications will be reviewed by the selection committee headed by Dr. Christiane Timmerman, Director of Academic Affairs. The selection committee will include scholars and researchers of the University of Antwerp.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Additional information may be requested from qualified candidates in order to ensure competitive assessment of the candidates.

Selection Criteria

〈 Fulfillment of formal eligibility requirements
〈 Academic qualifications
〈 Strong motivation for participation in the seminar
〈 A well written paper, representative of your research work and related to the topic of the Seminar


UCSIA will fund the following for selected participants:

〈 tuition fee
〈 study materials
〈 lodging (except for Belgian residents) and meals while in Antwerp

Successful candidates will be informed on the admission decision by mid-November.
Participants should pay for their own travel expenses to Antwerp.


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