Friday, July 21, 2006

Performance and Physical Memory: Call for Papers

International Medieval Congress in Leeds
July 9-12, 2007

Although often described as ephemeral, a performance leaves traces of itself in many different placesĖœthe bodies of actors and spectators; the cities, structures, and landscapes where it is staged; and, the physical evidence that remains as 'proof' or suggestion, of the event. This panel seeks work that considers how Medieval and/or Renaissance performances linger as physical memories, both for Medieval and Renaissance communities and for 21st-century scholars. The panel is particularly interested in interdisciplinary scholarship that explores new definitions of performance and memory, and that employs unique theoretical approaches. The theme for the 2007 conference is Medieval Cities. Papers should incorporate this theme into their topics in some way.

The 2007 International Medieval Congress in Leeds, England will take place from July 9-12. You can find more information about the congress at

One-page abstracts should be submitted to Jill Stevenson at by September 15th. Please include your contact information and any AV requests with your abstract. Feel free to email Jill if you have any questions.


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