Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Recovering Renaissance Drama

100 Years of Malone Society Publications

The Malone Society is celebrating its centenary with a one-day conference to be held in the New Music Room, Corpus Christi College , Oxford , from 10 am-7 pm on Saturday, 23rd September 2006.

The programme will consist of a dozen short presentations, each followed by brief discussion. Among those who have agreed to speak are Professor Henry Woudhuysen (on W.W. Greg); Dr. John Jowett (on Thomas More ); Dr. Ros King (on Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay ); Dr. Sonia Massai (on the Pavier Quartos); Dr Martin Wiggins ('A Midsummer Night's Apocalypse'-related to Malone Society Collections Volume III and the year 1535) and Professor Suzanne Gossett.

The day will conclude with a staged reading of the short and farcical Christmas play Gigantomachia (see Malone Society Collections Volume XIV, Jacobean Academic Plays , edited by Suzanne Gossett and T.L. Berger).

Fees: The basic fee, to cover actual costs, including coffee, lunch and tea, is £35. However, the Society's Council has agreed to subsidize the conference out of its reserves, enabling us to offer a reduced fee of £25 to conference members who are members of the Society, a fee of £15 to students (defined as those who are either working for a doctoral or other higher degree, or who completed such a degree no more than two years ago), with a further reduction to £10 for students who are members of the Society.

Because many participants will be paying heavily discounted fees, we must ask all conference members, including speakers, to pay the appropriate fee.

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