Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shakespeare at Kalamazoo ...

... invites submissions for two open sessions:

Shakespeare and Monarchy
Shakespeare and Religion

42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 10-13, 2007) will take place at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan).

Reading time for papers should be no more than twenty minutes. According to rules established by the Congress, those submitting abstracts for one session may not submit abstracts for other sessions in the same year.

Email submissions are encouraged. Please include home and office phone numbers, complete mailing address, and e-mail address along with your attachment. If you need equipment, let us know now.

Maximum length of abstract: 500 words. Deadline for abstracts: 15 September 2006. This deadline is absolute, as we have a program-copy deadline of 1 October.

Please direct questions and abstracts to:

Anna Riehl


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