Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Society for Textual Scholarship


President: George Bornstein, University of Michigan
Executive Director: Robin Schulze, Penn State University
Fourteenth Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference
March 14-17, 2007, New York University
Program Co-Chairs: Nicholas Frankel, Virginia Commonwealth University; Marta Werner, D’Youville College

Deadline for Proposals: October 31, 2006

The Program Chairs invite the submission of full panels or individual papers devoted to interdisciplinary discussion of current research into particular aspects of contemporary textual work: the discovery, enumeration, description, bibliographical analysis, editing, annotation, and mark-up of texts in disciplines such as literature, history, musicology, classical and biblical studies, philosophy, art history, legal history, history of science and technology, computer science, library science, lexicography, epigraphy, paleography, codicology, cinema studies, media studies, theater, linguistics, and textual and literary theory. The Program Chairs are particularly interested in papers and panels, as well as workshops and roundtables, on the following topics, aimed at a broad, interdisciplinary audience:
Textual environments
Textual cultures
Textual ruins
Textual arts, including the book arts
Digital texts and editing projects
Papers should be no more than 20 minutes in length. Panels should consist of three papers or presentations. Individual proposals should include a brief abstract (one or two pages) of the proposed paper as well as the name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation of the participant. Panel proposals, including proposals for roundtables and workshops, should include a session title, the name of a designated contact person for the session, the names, e-mail addresses, and institutional addresses and affiliations of each person involved in the session, and a one- or two-page abstract of each paper to be presented during the session. Abstracts should indicate what (if any) technological support will be requested.
Inquiries and proposals should be submitted electronically to:
Associate Professor Nicholas Frankel, email address:
Department of English
PO BOX 842002
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond VA 23220 USA
FAX: (804) 828-6048
Assistant Professor Marta Werner, email address:
Department of Liberal Arts
D’Youville College
320 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201
FAX: (716) 829-7760
All participants in the STS 2007 conference must be members of STS. For information about membership, please contact Executive Director Robin Schulze at or visit the Indiana University Press Journals website and follow the links to the Society for Textual Scholarship membership page. For conference updates and information, see the STS website.


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