Friday, July 21, 2006

Vox Pop: Improvising the Vernacular Body, c. 1400-1650 - CFP

Saturday 2nd December 2006
A One Day Symposium

Vocabularies of the vernacular body are often dynamic and creative in medieval and early modern society. Vox Pop will explore this aspect of vernacularity and popular culture. Topics for discussion might include but are not limited to:

Deference and Authority

Defining the Commonweal

Dissent, Heresy and the Vernacular Body

Improvisation and Representation

Oaths and Swearing

Opprobrious language

Speech and Speaking

Symbolic and Lived Bodies

Vocabularies of the Political body

Please send abstracts of 250 words to Dawn Goldstone and Dr Elisabeth Salter ( by 6th October 2006. Work in progress and discussion papers are encouraged. This symposium is hosted by the Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies and the Department of English at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. It is hoped that bursaries for travel will be available to speakers.


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