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2007 Conferences on The French of England  

Medieval England presents a historical example of European multilingualism striking for the diversity of "cultural traffic" between the English and French languages and literatures. "The French of England" addresses the sociolinguistic plurality of Frenches in England, their various internal and external interrelations, and their cross-disciplinary importance, especially to Middle English studies (though not neglecting relations with continental French, or the presence of such French in England). Speakers will come from history (including legal history); literature; political science; religion; art history, linguistics. The conferences aim to promote (i) wider scholarly awareness of the French of England as a field and of medieval England as a multilingual society; (ii) a Middle English literary and cultural studies fully inclusive of French; (iii) to explore beyond the traditional subdivisions (Norman French, Anglo-Norman, Anglo-French, continental French/es) toward a more inclusive account of French in England and its interrelations with other relevant languages.

In 2007 there will be a pair of conferences in New York USA and York UK, both envisaged as developments of current scholarly interest in multilingualism in Medieval Studies, designed to call out the research communities in the French of England on both sides of the Atlantic, and to continue and develop research and graduate teaching conversations about how to conceptualize and practice the interrelations of the French of England with its neighbors?continental French, Middle English, Latin. We plan to publish a volume of selected proceedings from these conferences. We welcome papers in all domains and disciplinary affiliations concerned with the French(es) of England.

1. The French of England: Multilingualism in Practice, c.1100-c.1500
31 March -1 April, 2007. 27 th Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, Manhattan, New York.

Call for Papers : Please send an abstract and cover letter with contact information to arrive no later than October 9, 2006 to: The Conference Committee, Center for Medieval Studies, FMH 405B, Fordham University, Bronx, NY 10458. Fax: (718) 817-3987. Phone: (718) 817-4655. Email: . Web:

2. The French of England: Linguistic Accommodation and Cultural Hybridity, c.1100-c.1500. 13-16 July 2007. University of York, Centre for Medieval Studies, The King?s Manor.

Call for Papers : Please send an abstract and cover letter with contact information to arrive no later than October 9, 2006 to: Professor Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Centre for Medieval Studies, The King?s Manor, YorkYO1 7EP, UK. Fax: +44 ([0]1904) 43 3918. Phone: +44 ([0]1904) 43 3910. Email:
For information about York and the Centre for Medieval Studies see: The French of England conference will continue the model established in ?Conceptualizing Multilingualism in Medieval England to 1250? conference at York, 14-17 th July 2006.

Eleventh York Manuscripts Conference
17-20 July 2007

French in English Manuscripts and French Manuscripts in England

The eleventh York Manuscripts Conference will be held at the King's Manor in York from Tuesday the 17 th through Friday the 20 th of July 2007. The theme of the conference will be French influence on manuscripts produced in England in the later Middle Ages. Papers will range over the topics of manuscripts written in England in the French language; French manuscripts and incunables imported into England; French scribes and illuminators working in England or in English manuscripts produced on the continent; French influence on manuscript script and/or illumination, etc.

( The conference is timed to  follow  directly on from  another at York, The French of England : Linguistic Accommodation and Cultural Hybridity, c1100-c1500  (13-16 July, 2007), organized by Professor Jocelyn Wogan-Browne .)


Please submit proposed titles and brief abstracts of papers for the Eleventh York Manuscripts Conference, French in English Manuscripts and French Manuscripts in England, by the end of November 2006 to

Professor Linne R. Mooney
Centre for Medieval Studies
King's Manor
York YO1 7EP

or via email to


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