Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crossing the Divide: Continuity and Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern Warfare

Sept. 12th, 2007
University of Reading, UK

Military change in the period 1350-1750, and its effects, are critical to long-standing and on-going debates about the rise of the state; the global ascendancy of the West; and the existence and nature of military revolutions/revolutions in military affairs. However, the history of warfare in this period has generally been approached from either a medieval or an early-modern perspective, leading to substantial confusion over the nature and periodisation of changes (if any). This conference aims to cross the chronological divide between medieval and early-modern, so that elements of continuity and change can be clearly identified. Fourteen scholars from six countries will address nine key thematic areas to assess what changed and what remained the same in the conduct, resourcing and function of warfare between c.1350-1750, in both eastern and western Europe. Speakers include: Matthew Bennett, Clifford Rogers, Louis Sicking, Steven Gunn, Simon Pepper, David Parrott, Rhoads Murphey, Ronald Asch, Jan Glete and John Lynn.

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