Monday, August 28, 2006

Republicanism in Britain 1640-1800

20 January 2007, Royal Holloway University of London History Department

The conference will explore, through discussion of pre-circulated papers, themes of republicanism from the civil wars to the 1790s. There are papers and commentaries by: Quentin Skinner, Blair Worden, David Norbrook, Martin Dzelzainis, Justin Champion, Jan Hartman, Ian McBride, Rachel Hemmersley, Iain McDaniel, Mark Philp, John Mee, Gregory Claeys, Iain Hampsher-Monk, John Barrell and David Wootton.

Conference organisers: Professor Blair Worden and Alex Barber

Department of History, Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey TW20 OEX
Tel: 01784 443639
Fax: 01784 433032

Registration for a conference place: by 30 November.


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