Friday, September 01, 2006


ONE-DAY SYMPOSIUM - Saturday, 11 November, 2006
University of Stirling, Scotland


"The worth of a skilfull and worthy translator is to obserue

the sentences, figures, and formes of speech proposed in his

author, his true sence and height, and to adorne them with

figures and formes of oration fitted to the originall in the

same tongue to which they are translated"

(George Chapman, 1598)

"Bless thee, Bottom! Bless thee! Thou art translated!" (MND)

" He hath studied her well, and translated her will out of

honesty into English" (Merry Wives)

Both the concept and the practice of 'translation' were a vital part of Renaissance culture throughout Europe, stimulated in part by the growth in printing and reading, and by travel and the exchange of ideas across cultures. The proposed one-day symposium seeks to explore the topic of 'translation' in all of its manifestations, ranging from translation from one language to another, to 'translation' involving the shift between different discursive registers within English-speaking cultures. Concepts such as 'intersemiotic translation' (Eco), translations from one genre into another, translation as metaphor, will all be considered as part of this wide definition.

Papers should be no longer than 20 mins. duration, and proposals should be
submitted by Monday 2 October to Professor J Drakakis, at the University of
Stirling. Email address


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