Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teaching Religion in Early Modern Studies

A multi-disciplinary discussion

Department of English, University of Manchester
10 November 2006
10:30-4:00. Free.

This free event, a collaboration between three Subject Centres (English; History, Classics and Archaeology; Philosophy and Religious Studies) will explore interdisciplinary perspectives in the teaching of early modern religion. Participants will include Michael Brown, Brian Cummings, Alan Ford, Jeremy Gregory, Crawford Gribben, Gerald Hammond, Sandra Hynes, Peter Marshall, Graeme Murdock, Alex Walsham and Lucy Wooding.

To attend this event, you must first register on the English Subject Centre website, at:
For further details, please contact either Crawford Gribben (Crawford.Gribben@manchester.ac.uk) or Jonathan Gibson (Jonathan.Gibson@rhul.ac.uk).

Programme (subject to alteration):
10.30: Coffee and registration
11:00: Secularism, fundamentalism and the teaching of early modern religion
(Jeremy Gregory, Michael Brown)
11:30: Teaching the Reformation
(Peter Marshall, Alex Walsham)
12:15: Teaching religious literature
(Brian Cummings, Gerald Hammond)
1:00: Lunch
1:45: Teaching theology and religious ideas
(Alan Ford, Lucy Wooding)
2:40: Teaching religious institutions and communities
(Graeme Murdock, Sandra Hynes)
3:15: Future directions in the teaching of early modern religion
(Michael Brown, Crawford Gribben)
4:00: Close.


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