Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shakespeare and Renaissance Literary Theory

Call for Papers

Papers are solicited on the theme of "Shakespeare and Renaissance Literary Theory" for a collection of essays and a special issue of _Shakespeare Yearbook_. Topics may deal with early modern Italian and English dramatic theories, the question of genre and decorum, the English response to tragicomedy and Italian dramatic theories, the influence of Italian touring companies and _commedia dell'arte_ types, Shakespeare's reliance on and resistance to classical rules, fixed genres, and dramatic conventions. The final deadline is 31 January 2007. Contributors will include Louise George Clubb, Robert Henke, Robin Headlam Wells, Stephen Orgel, and Frances K. Barasch. The length of an article should not exceed 7000 words, including endnotes. For further information, please write to Michele Marrapodi (marrapod@unipa.it) or Douglas Brooks (dbrooks@tamu.edu).


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