Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andrew Marvell

Call for Papers: Andrew Marvell Society at South-Central Renaissance Conference (8-10 March

Deadline: 1 December 2006

The Andrew Marvell Society welcomes paper proposals by 1 December 2006 for its annual sessions at the South-Central Renaissance Conference, San Antonio, 8-10 March 2007.

Please consult our call for papers at the SCRC website, through which submissions are to be made:


Proposals are especially encouraged on the following topics:

• Marvell, the metropolis, and the provinces;
• Marvell, intertextuality, and innovation;
• Marvell, Cromwell, and Revolutionary England;
• Marvell and the Arts: Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Annabel Patterson will deliver the annual Louis L. Martz Lecture at the SCRC.

Nicholas von Maltzahn
President, Andrew Marvell Society
English / Arts
University of Ottawa


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