Monday, November 27, 2006


EXTENDED DEADLINE: Send proposal and brief CV by December 1, 2006.

To Complete a Panel: Need papers on "Bollywood Shakespeare" or "Shakespeare
in India" -- possible films include Shakespeare Walla (1965), Kaliyattam
(1997), Maqbool (2003), and Omkara (2006).

New Area Added: A panel on Metatheatrical Shakespeare, to include films in
which the characters put on a Shakespeare play. Examples include: A Double
Life (1947), To Be or Not To Be (1942), Kiss Me Kate (1953), Shakespeare
Walla (1965), Theatre of Blood (1973), Renaissance Man (1994), Dead Poets
Society (1989), A Midwinter's Tale (1995), Shakespeare in Love (1998), The
King is Alive (2000), Get Over It! (2001), and Stage Beauty (2004).

Still Accepting Proposals for: SHAKESPEARE ON FILM AND TELEVISION Proposal
Deadline: December 1, 2006

The Southwest/Texas Popular and American Culture Associations 28th Annual
Conference Albuquerque, NM, February 14-17, 2007

The 2007 SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference will once again be held in beautiful
Albuquerque, NM, at the Hyatt Regency downtown. We have kept hotel rates
low, and graduate student rates are even lower. Join us this year, as a
returning or first-time participant, as we celebrate a new future on Route
66 at this popular cultural conference. Further details regarding the
conference (listing all areas, hotel, registration, tours, etc.) can be
found at

Proposals are being accepted for the Shakespeare on Film and Television
All topics are welcome. Of particular interest are papers on the following
* What is a Shakespeare Adaptation?
* Shakespeare and the genre film
* Shakespeare set in another time
* Welles and Shakespeare Reconsidered
* Shakespeare and the Auteur
* Acting Shakespeare
* Shakespeare in Foreign Film
* Shakespeare in Silent Film
* Shakespeare in the Sit-com
* Political Shakespeare Adaptations
* Transgressive Shakespeare Adaptations
* Apocalyptic Shakespeare
* Shakespeare and Sexuality
* Shakespeare's Families
* Shakespeare: Additions and Omissions
* But is it Shakespeare?
* The Future of Shakespeare Adaptation

Please send a 250 word proposal and a brief CV by December 1, 2006 to:
Richard Vela, Area Chair
Shakespeare on Film and Television

REGISTRATION: All participants MUST register online at the SW/TX website as
soon as papers are accepted. Those registering before December 15, 2006 will
receive a reduced early-bird rate. Please note that the absolute deadline
for registration is December 31, 2006. All registration information and
forms are available at


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dr sir,
with regard to the application where do we get or how do we get the application form,i am form africa,nigeria by country, my names are lawrence atare christmas
i am writting to know more about and i am interested in attending the conference,
pls sir i will glad if my comment been treet to my case,thanks

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