Monday, November 20, 2006

Sir Thomas Browne

Authority and Authorities in Thomas Browne and His Contemporaries: A Symposium
Call for Papers
Saturday 21st April 2007, University of Leeds

This day-long symposium will examine how early modern writers - especially but not exclusively those involved in natural philosophy - claim, invoke, construe, query or undermine authority and authorities. This is the second session of the 'Thomas Browne Seminar', but papers are by no means confined to Browne's works. In particular, we hope to encourage papers on the following:

* the establishment of 'scientific' authority;
* classical and/or biblical literature as sources of authority - or otherwise;
* the development of an authoritative, 'scientific', style.

Contact: Kevin Killeen ( or Karen Edwards (

For details of the first Thomas Browne Seminar, see


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