Friday, December 22, 2006

From Shakespeare in Washington website ...

TO BE OR NOT TO BE may be the world's most famous question-but for six months, the only place to be is DC. for this spectacular celebration of William Shakespeare's influence on great culture and entertainment.

For more than 400 years, Shakespeare's plays and poetry have resonated in the world's consciousness. His works have persisted through centuries of theatrical interpretations. They've inspired classic ballets, operas, and symphonic suites and been transformed through the lens of modern themes and settings. From film and Broadway musicals to fashion and the visual arts, his imprint can be found everywhere.

Now, Washington will revel in the genius of Shakespeare through more than 100 magnificent presentations by more than 60 arts organizations. So whether you know all the sonnets by heart or are discovering his work for the very first time, Shakespeare in Washington will bring you closer than ever to the man they call "The Bard."

This celebration was conceived by Michael M. Kaiser, President of the Kennedy Center, and is curated by Michael Kahn, Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night
Jan. 6,
To launch Shakespeare in Washington, Shakespeare Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Kahn directs a staged reading in the Concert Hall of Twelfth Night on the holiday's traditional date of observance, January 6. Shakespeare's celebrated comedy involves cross-dressing women, mistaken twins, and zany love sonnets. Co-presented by the Kennedy Center and
Shakespeare Theatre Company as part of the Millennium Stage series. Tickets: Free. Kennedy Center Concert Hall, 2700 F St., NW, Washington, DC. (202) 467-4600.


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