Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Long 1590s

The 1590s saw a battle for the hearts and minds of England's literary enterprises, as well as political and social unease as the country prepared for an imminent change of regime. The peer-reviewed online journal Early Modern Literary Studies ( is seeking contributions of c.6-7000 words for a special issue on 'The Long 1590s', guest-edited by Annaliese Connolly and Lisa Hopkins. We welcome papers on any writer or literary movement of the period c. 1588 - c. 1603. Abstracts of 250 words are due by 15 Feb 2007 and completed contributions by Friday 1 June 2007. This deadline is non-negotiable, to allow adequate time for peer reviewing before the special issue appears in September 2007.

Please send abstracts and papers to both editors by email (either in the body of the message or as an attachment) at and


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