Friday, December 15, 2006

'Research Without Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts & Humanities'

A one-day postgraduate conference to be held at Chapman Hall, Southlands College on Saturday 27th January. This conference has been organised by and for postgraduate students from Arts & Humanities related fields to provide the opportunity for us to interact with other students within and outside our particular disciplines, and to discuss interdisciplinary research and its ramifications amongst contemporaries. For more details please email or visit the website

There will be four panels of four speakers each, including papers from Roehampton University, other British institutions and also some international speakers as well. For full details of the programme for the day, please go to:

Attendance fee will be £5.00 for the day and we hope for a good-sized attendance (for booking information please see To this end I would like to ask everyone if they could please mention this conference to any postgraduate students they may tutor or supervise, and to provide them with the contact email and website address above. We would also like if possible to attract a high proportion of attendees from outside our university, so if you could distribute these details to any colleagues at other institutions as well I would be very grateful. And of course I look forward to seeing some of you there as well.

Many thanks for your attention. Kind regards,

Denzell Richards
Acting Chairman
School of Arts 2007 Postgraduate Conference
Roehampton University


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