Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spring 2007 NYU Rennaissance Seminar Meetings

February 13:  Robert W. Hanning, Columbia University. "*Quadro di Stupefazione*: Confusion, Imprudence and Madness in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso."

March 13:  Allison Kavey, John Jay College. "Imagined Worlds: Passion and Imagination in Agrippa's Three books of Occult Philosophy."

April10:  Michael Ullyot, Linacre College, Oxford University.  "The Life Abridged: Reading Biographies in Early 17th Century England."

May 8:  Leatrice Mendelsohn, Independent Scholar. "Portraying Power in the Dominion of Eros: the 'Loves of the Gods' and the Renaissance Court."


Blogger Leatrice Mendelsohn said...

The seminar announced was and will be held at Columbia University and is the Columbia Faculty Renaissance Seminar.
Leatrice Mendelsohn

2:14 AM  
Blogger Leatrice Mendelsohn said...

This announcement is not for NYU but Columbia University. posted by L. Mendelsohn

2:16 AM  

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