Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Late humanism and political ideology in northern Europe, 1580-1620

10-11 July 2007
University of Cambridge: Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) and Trinity College

This conference is concerned with the manifestations of what has been called 'late', 'Tacitean', 'pragmatic' and 'neo-stoic' humanism. Speakers will explore its relationship with Ciceronian humanism; its association with politics, pedagogy, literature and visual culture; its impact on natural philosophy and the applied sciences; its role in seventeenth-century state-building, colonialism and religious and civil conflicts. If there was a prevailing intellectual culture of northern Europe, how did local contexts reflect or complicate that prevalence?

Speakers include Daniel Andersson, David Colclough, Anthony Grafton, Harro Hopfl, Jill Kraye, Brian Ogilvie, Markku Peltonen, Jennifer Richards, Richard Serjeantson, Alan Shepard, Jacob Soll and Malcolm Smuts. A final round-table discussion will be led by Warren Boutcher and David Norbrook.

Dr Aysha Pollnitz < aep33@cam.ac.uk >, Dr Michael Ullyot < michael.ullyot@ell.ox.ac.uk >

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