Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Renaissance Futures

[this from the London Renaissance Seminar ...]
CFP: Renaissance Futures (edited collection)
Abstracts due: 31 March 2007
Articles (6,000 words) due: 31 March 2008

For more information, see:

We are seeking essays for an edited collection on 'Renaissance Futures'. Topics may include, but are not limited to, early modern conceptions or narratives of the following:

Progress, mutability, predestination, providence, fate, fortune, destiny, personal development; pilgrim's progresses, dreams, visions, intuitions, fortune-telling and soothsaying; personal futures: providing for old age, descendents; linguistics: future tenses; philosophia perennis, architecture, visual arts and culture, prophets and oracles, astrology, almanacs, natural science, astronomical and meteorological portents; medicine, diagnoses, health and mortality; innovation and tradition in science, technology and manufacturing; machines, time-keeping, automata; material culture; economic futures: credit, forecasting, speculation; social, religious, political reform; town planning; history, chronicles; cyclical and linear history; historiography, military strategy and planning, apocalypse, millenarianism, eschatology, utopias...

We would especially welcome essays which approach the idea of the future from a comparative angle, or which consider the conception of the future from non-Western or non-Christian historical perspectives. We are interested in discussions of popular and material culture and history, as well as literary, artistic and philosophical sources.

For more information, please contact the editors, Andrea Brady (Brunel University) and Emily Butterworth (Kings College London), at:, or


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