Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Body→Mind Conference

Thursday 12 July 2007

Plenary speaker: Professor George Rousseau, Oxford University will speak about 'Nervous Narrators: Mind and Body in G Sharp Minor'

This one-day, international conference will explore ideas about the mind’s influence on the body across a wide range of disciplines.


anxiety body dysmorphic disorder

body hair Buffy Charlton Heston

children’s writing colonised subjectivity corsets

Darwinism Descartes eating disorders epilation epiphany eye surgery

fathers and daughters feminist art Foucault

garrulous vaginas




martyrdom masochism metamorphoses

modified bodies oriental philosophy

performance proprioception

queer stylistics sensation novels sexuality

shoes somatic pragmatism soul spiritual matter

suicide The Swan

United 93

Please note that the call for papers has now closed. Further details and a booking form can be obtained from Mrs Jan Cox or ring 0118 378 8362 or contact the Organiser, Carolyn Williams (

School of English and American Literature, University of Reading, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Whiteknights, Reading, PO Box 218, RG6 6AA, UK


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