Sunday, March 04, 2007

Borrowers and Lenders

*Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation*, is soliciting review essays on appropriations of Shakespeare in performance in connection with The Shakespeare in Washington festival. The festival, running until June 2007, features several staged "appropriations" of Shakespeare in theater, dance, and song. We are particularly interested in reviews of *The Rape of Lucrece* (Washington Shakespeare Company, Feb 9 - March 11), The Supreme Court Hears the Trial of Hamlet (Shakespeare Theatre Company / Kennedy Center, March 15), and Hamlet / The Sonnets (Tiny Ninja Theater, June 11-14).

Essays for the Appropriations in Performance section should run 1000 - 4000 words and should give substantial consideration to the performance as an appropriation. Please visit for more information, or contact Matt Kozusko directly at

(this from SHAKSPER.NET)


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