Friday, March 09, 2007

Marriage in Shakespeare

New Essay in Criticism (Macmillan Press) Closing 30 May 2007

Essays on various issues relating to marriage in the plays of William Shakespeare are invited for a book to be edited by Prof Bhim S. Dahiya, Sarup Singh Professor of English, Kurukshetra University India.The essays may relate to, but not limited to, following issues:

Marital roles and Behaviours
Strife in Marriage
Legal, Historical and Literary approaches to Marriage
Conflict over Status, Gender, Relations, Property, Religious Beliefs and Individual Autonomy
Comlexities of Marital Law
Marriage as a Community Affair
Marriage and Clergy

Closing date for the submission of essays is 30 May 2007.we have already received a few essays by leading Shakespeare scholars. Please send email attachment on the following email alongwith a hard copy on or before 30 May 2007:

Address for Communication:
Dr Bhim s. Dahiya
Sarup Sigh Chair Professor
Department of English
Kurukshetra University
Haryana, India-136119


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