Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rubinstein Fellowship

Society for Renaissance Studies

The Society for Renaissance Studies is pleased to invite applications for a new annual one-year Fellowship, founded in memory of Ruth and Nicolai Rubinstein, to support postdoctoral research across the spectrum of Renaissance Studies. Applicants must be graduates of British or Irish universities, with PhDs awarded within the last five years, and currently engaged in full-time research, part-time teaching or independent scholarship. The Fellowship is for £5,000 and cannot be held simultaneously with any similar award. The period of tenure will be twelve months from 1 October 2007, during which time the Fellow will be invited to attend meetings of the Society's Council, and to present a paper at the Society's Third National Conference, to be held in Dublin in July 2008. The Fellow will also be required to make a presentation to Council at the end of the Fellowship, to submit a written report for publication in the Society‚s Bulletin, and be expected to acknowledge the Society in any publications resulting from the research.

Applications should be made in the form of a text of not more than 1,000 words, to include a brief account of the candidate‚s research to date, a description of the project to be undertaken during the tenure of the Fellowship, and a statement of the candidate‚s means of financial support, if any, during the academic year 2007-08. It is the responsibility of applicants to request letters of support from two referees.

Applications and references should preferably be sent as email attachments to Dr Stella Fletcher,, though hard copy can be posted to 32 Highfield Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington WA5 2TW.

The closing date for applications is 31 May 2007 and the successful applicant will be informed as soon as possible thereafter.

[this from the London Renaissance Seminar]


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