Friday, April 27, 2007

The Gascoigne Seminar

Friday 21st September 2007, Lincoln College, Oxford

George Gascoigne, the most inventive and influential poet of the generation before Spenser and Sidney, died on 7th October 1577. To mark the 430th anniversary of his death and the current revival of interest in his work, an international seminar is being held at Lincoln College, Oxford, on Friday 21st September, 2007.

The chair will be G.W. Pigman, editor of Gascoigne‚s A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres (1573), published by Oxford University Press, 2000. Other participants will include:

Richard McCoy (Graduate Center, City University of New York)
David Norbrook (University of Oxford)
Lorna Hutson (St Andrew's University)
Elizabeth Heale (Early Modern Research Centre, University of Reading)
Jessica Winston (Idaho State University)
Catherine Bates (University of Warwick)
Elizabeth Goldring (University of Warwick)
Katharine Wilson (Oxford Brookes University)
Gillian Austen (University of Bristol)
Stephen Hamrick (Minnesota State University Moorhead)

The day will include a private viewing of a selection of Gascoigne's books at the Bodleian Library, including Gabriel Harvey‚s annotated copy of Gascoigne's The Posies (1575).

An edited collection of the papers will be published in due course.

To book a place Lincoln College was founded in 1427 and is situated in the heart of old Oxford, just by the Bodleian Library. The seminar will be held in the Oakeshott and Beckington rooms and will include a buffet lunch and refreshments.

The cost for the day, including lunch and refreshments, will be £30 (full rate) and £15 for students. To book a place at the seminar, or to make informal enquiries, please email Gillian Austen (

Further information will be available shortly, or please contact either of the organisers, Stephen Hamrick ( and Gillian Austen. The Seminar web site is at:


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