Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Renaissance of Subjectivity

A one-day conference on the "selfe" in Shakespeare's Renaissance and ours
19 June 2007, RHUL, Egham, Surrey.

Graham Holderness, John Lee,
Russ McDonald, Simon Palfrey,
Tiffany Stern, Richard Wilson

Email for information

Registration deadline is 21 May, 2007

For twenty-five years historicist and materialist critical trends in Shakespeare and Renaissance studies have eclipsed direct considerations of the subjectivity of criticism itself. This conference urges a 'renaissance of subjectivity' in critical thought. Our enquiry is centred first on the subjective investment in current thinking about the Renaissance, and secondly on the interplay between Renaissance and contemporary selfhoods. It is hoped that the conference will ask some of the biggest and often occluded questions concerning the meaning, purpose and form of criticism as such.


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