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Women, Sexuality and Early Modern Studies

Call for submissions for genre, for an issue on Women, Sexuality and Early Modern Studies. We welcome submissions of papers on a full range of topics addressing writings by and about women and the feminine in the Medieval and Renaissance periods throughout the world, including interchanges between East and West. Papers can be devoted (but not limited) to: Medieval and Early Modern female authors and/or figures, depictions of the feminine in Medieval and Renaissance European and/ or other literatures, contemporary invocations of Medieval femininity, women and hagiography, religious education and women, women and the arts, women in courtly poetry, in Sufi literature, or in Medieval Islam. Papers with comparative topics and methodologies are especially welcome.
Send an explanatory email that includes your institutional affiliation and your full correspondence mailing address to and attach the essay (word document or pdf file) you would like to submit to that email. Deadline for receipt of papers is 15 June 2007. MAKE sure you include a 200-word abstract of your submitted paper to be
published along with your paper.genre is an international, interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and the Arts affiliated to the Department of Comparative World Literature and Classics at California State University, Long Beach, since the late sixties. It publishes issues pertaining to the theme of the annual departmental conference. For more details, please visit the genre
website at:

Submission Guidelines
All papers should follow the MLA (Modern Language Association of America) style and obey the following guidelines:
1- Include parenthetical sources and a works cited but no footnotes orendnotes. IF YOU MUST use endnotes, keep those to a minimum, format them like you do normal text, and place them after the paper and immediately before the works cited.
2- Italicize titles of books and journals.
3- Articles should be between 4000 and 6000 words in length. They should be double-spaced and use 12 point font throughout.
4- All passages not originally in English should be translated into English [and put in square brackets] in the body of the article immediately following the original citation in the language other than English.
5. Make sure you obtain reprint permissions of images you want to include (keep those to a minimum). Otherwise, please do not send them. Timelines: We want to publish the issue in January 2008. When we send you the recommendations, please make sure to effect the changes and return the paper as promptly as possible, within six weeks at the most.
Contributors will receive two free copies of the journal.


Blogger TY said...

Hi, thanks very much for the info. I am a Taiwanese researcher working on Margaret Cavendish, and I would definitely try submitting my work to the journal.

Just a quick note: I have been to the original CFP website but found that the deadline of submission is 15 May 2007, not 15 June. Perhaps you could doublecheck by clicking the following link:

Many thanks,

9:44 AM  

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