Tuesday, June 05, 2007


... a quarterly performance-studies journal
published by the Johns Hopkins University Press is now accepting
proposals for and submissions of theatre reviews for the 2008 volume.
The format of the Theatre Reviews section, nd the submissions policy
for theatre reviews will be changing significantly in 2008. The
changes are outlined below. Please direct all questions to the Theatre
Review Editor, Jeremy Lopez, at jeremy.lopez@utoronto.ca.

Editorial Philosophy and Goals
We are seeking to liberate ?the review? from its highly
conventionalized format: 1000-or-so words, generous description of
production choices, concise and balanced, quasi-objective evaluation
of the relationship between production and audience, performance and
text, etc. While such conventions certainly need not be avoided simply
for the sake of doing so, we are interested in encouraging
contributors to pursue formal innovation and to develop vivid,
idiosyncratic, singular critical voices and perspectives. Reviews
will no longer be limited to 1000 words and, indeed, need not deal
with a single production or a group of geographically or otherwise
closely related productions. We encourage contributors to write in the
most interesting way possible about the most interesting productions
of early modern drama that they see.

Review Assignments
The bulk of review essays will now be solicited by the Theatre Review
Editor. A number of these have already been solicited for the 2008
volume. The Theatre Review Editor will be happy to receive (by email)
ideas for review essays and to work in collaboration with prospective
authors on developing proposals that can be scheduled for publication.
In each volume, we seek a certain amount of geographical range, as
well as a range of kinds of productions?student, professional,
mainstream, fringe, etc.

Unsolicited Reviews
We are pleased to receive theatre reviews, of any length and in any
format, at any time. All theatre reviews will now be subject to
editorial review: unsolicited theatre reviews are not guaranteed
publication. We do not mean this to discourage submissions. Quite
the contrary. Our goal is not to remake the Bulletin?s
theatre-reviews section as a collection of scholarly articles
resembling the material in other parts of the journal; rather, we hope
to display in each issue a variety of kinds of
writing-about-performance?reviews in a variety of shapes, sizes, and
modes. Contributors can be assured that the editorial-review process
will be swift and that every effort will be made to publish reviews in
a timely fashion with respect to the production?s run-dates.

Upcoming issues
We are pleased to invite submissions and proposals for the 2008
volume. Productions to be reviewed in this volume must have a
start-date of no earlier than June 1, 2007.


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