Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rethinking Medieval Art

The International Center for Medieval Art Graduate Student Committee
is sponsoring a session at the International Congress on Medieval
Studies (May 8?11, 2008) in Kalamazoo and would like to encourage
submissions to:

Everything Old Is New Again: Rethinking Medieval Art.

The graduate student committee of the International Center for
Medieval Art is a group that seeks to give a voice to graduate
students in medieval art history. For our third year at the
Medieval Congress, we are proposing a session that investigates new
approaches to the medieval object, explores new methodologies, and
challenges traditional studies of medieval art. As a committee that
addresses the concerns of graduate students, we would like to
cultivate progressive scholarship and especially to encourage
scholars early in their careers to submit paper proposals (a title
and a brief abstract) by September 15 on medieval art of any period
and medium. We would welcome historiographic studies,
interdisciplinary approaches, and papers that expand the notion of
what constitutes medieval art.

We would also like to encourage membership in the committee. To
submit a proposal or to find out about participation in the
committee, please contact:

Laura Cochrane
Art History Department
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-737-7461
Fax; 302-831-8243

For the general call for papers and more about the Kalamazoo
Congress, see


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