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Early Literature in English: Crossing Borders

November 15, 2007; March 7&8, 2008

Call for Papers—NYU CELCE 2008 Graduate Student Conference

“Crossing Borders”

The Colloquium for Early Literature and Culture in English (CELCE) at New York University is pleased to announce our first
graduate student conference, scheduled for early March 2008. We invite papers that take interdisciplinary approaches to
representations of borders (spatial, temporal, semiotic, and sensory), and the ways in which respecting or crossing them
affected individuals and societies in English-speaking worlds from the medieval period up to the eighteenth century.

Some possible topics include (but are not limited to):
Cultural exchanges within the Old World (e.g. the French in medieval England; interactions between East and West; Africa in
Europe, etc.)
Slavery and captivity
Cultural translation
Early print culture and the changing face of literacy
When language fails: Visual, aural, and other extra-linguistic representations in texts
Cultural/Systemic change and representation of transitional periods

Please send your 250-word abstract to the CELCE coordinators by November 15, 2007.

Lea Puljcan Juric

Ruth F. Simon


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