Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anne, Lady Halkett

The Columbia Early Modern Seminar is delighted to welcome SUZANNE TRILL (Edinburgh) speaking on
'Royalism and Romance: Re-reading the lives‚ of Anne, Lady Halkett (c.1621/2-99)'

Tuesday October 30 at 6.30pm (until 8pm), 507 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University campus

Dr Trill is the co-editor of *Voicing Women: Gender and Sexuality in Writing, 1500-1700* (Edinburgh UP,1996/1998) and *Lay by Your Needles Ladies, Take the Pen‚: Writing Women in England, 1500-1700* (Arnold, 1997) with Kate Chedgzoy and Melanie Osborne, and of *Writing and the English Renaissance with William Zunder* (Longman, 1996). Her edition of *Lady Anne Halkett: Selected Life Writings* has just been published (Ashgate, 2007). Her publications include articles on early modern English and Scottish women's writing (c.1550-1700), with a particular emphasis upon Protestant devotional literature and archival resources. She is currently visiting at the University of Connecticut.

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