Monday, October 01, 2007

Birkbeck Early Modern Society

Events 2007-8

All events start at 6.30 pm, unless otherwise stated, and are followed by refreshments and Q and A.

26 Oct 07: Prof. Sandra Clarke, Macbeth and the Weird Sisters‚

Room 152, Malet St

12 Dec 07: Dr Richard Williams, Holbein at the Court of Henry VIII‚

Room 101, Clore Building. Followed by Xmas party

21 Jan 08: Dr Vanessa Harding, Research into the Family in Early Modern London‚

11 Feb 08: Dr Malcolm Gaskill, The History of Witchcraft: Where Do We Go From Here?

6 March 08: Prof Ronald Hutton, Plague and Famine in Early Modern Europe‚ Room 407, Malet St

7 May 08: Dr Laura Stewart, 'Serving God and Mammon: the Anglo-Scottish Relationship in the Mid-Seventeenth Century

30 June 08: Prof Natalie Zemon Davis, 'Pursuing "Leo Africanus" and other Enigmas: Some Thoughts on Historical Method'

[this from the LRS list]


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