Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Britain's wars of religion revisited: a salute to John Morrill

11 - 12 July 2008. In a lecture delivered to the Royal Historical Society in December 1983, John Morrill concluded with the observation that 'The English civil war was not the first European revolution: it was the last of the wars of religion'. Coming as it did during the seed time of 'revisionism', Morrill's interpretation placed ideology back among the causes of what he now calls the war of the three kingdoms.This symposium aims to recognise the importance of Morrill's discussion of religion and politics, and to move it forward with reference to scholarship on political and religious thought that has emerged since 1983. While it will be partly concerned with the period of the 1640s, it also aims to draw out elements of the links and tensions between politics and religion that define the long seventeenth century. Central to the symposium will be a critical engagement with Morrill's original argument: in what ways is it still persuasive, and in what areas might it be revised?

Conference organiser: Charles W. A. Prior, Glenn Burgess
University of Hull
Tel: 01482 466 328
Address: c/o Department of History University of Hull Hull, UK HU6 7RX


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