Tuesday, October 16, 2007

London Seminar for Early Modern Visual Culture

FALL PROGRAMME 2007 [this from the LRS ...]

Monday 22 October @ 6.00pm. Research Forum.

Dr Arno Witte (University of Amsterdam):

Landscapes and music: religious iconography in Seicento media

Monday 5 November @ 6.00pm. Research Forum.

Dr Michel Weemans (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en sciences sociales, Paris):

The Holy Cunning of Landscape. Herri met de Bles's Way to Calvary: a Silenic landscape

Monday 19 November @ 6.00pm. Room Seminar 4.

Dr Denis Ribouillault (Courtauld Institute):

Sacred Landscape in Early Modern Rome: The Villa Montalto reconsidered

Monday 3 December @ 6.00 pm. Research Forum.

Professor David Solkin (Courtauld Institute):

Turner's Gleanings

Monday 10 December @ 6.00 pm. Room Seminar 1.

Dr Sarah Monks (University of York):

On the horizon‚


Courtauld Institute of Art
Somerset House
London WC2R 0RN

Organised jointly by Denis Ribouillault: denis.ribouillault@courtauld.ac.uk Mechthild Fend: m.fend@ucl.ac.uk


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