Friday, November 30, 2007

Manchester University Medieval and Early Modern Literature: MA

The MA in Medieval and Early Modern Literature is now accepting applications for study in 2008-09. This innovative programme regularly attracts and trains the best graduate students in the field with its blend of texts and practical sessions.

The teaching staff, which includes Naomi Baker, Anke Bernau, Jerome de Groot, David Matthews, Gale Owen-Crocker, Jackie Pearson and Alexander Rumble, has an international reputation in a number of the most important themes that are currently stimulating scholarly debate

You will be taught cutting edge, hands-on research techniques as well as key theoretical approaches; you will be able to use a world-class research library; you will be part of a dynamicgraduate community. You may choose to work on interdisciplinary Anglo-Saxon Studies, on Middle English or Early Modern texts, or can choose to select thematically related course-units from across the full scope and date-range of the programme. We regularly have postgraduate masterclasses run by leaders in the field such as Alan Sinfield, Ann Hughes, Catherine Belsey, Stephen Knight and Sharon Achinstein.

What our students say about us: 'I've really enjoyed studying for a PhD at Manchester. The postgraduate community in English and American Studies is very supportive, and my supervisors were excellent. It was also exciting to be involved with an interdisciplinary research environment, with lots of opportunities for interaction with other subject areas.'

Course outline includes:

Material Cultures
Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval Culture and Context
The Anglo-Saxon World: Images of Man, Plant and Beast
Rebellion and Reaction 1300-1450
Early Modern Masculinities
Chaucer, Troilus, and Criticism
Literacy and the Book in England before 1200
Ugliness, Disability and Selfhood 1560-1770
The writing of religious dissent: Literature in the age of Milton
Magic and Popular Belief, c.1200-c.1500
Early Modern X-Files
    Reconceiving the Renaissance
    War in the Early Modern Imagination

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