Saturday, January 19, 2008

Early Modern British and Irish History Seminar

Wednesdays at 5pm, Lent Term, in the Graham Storey Room, Trinity Hall, Cambridge

23 January: Michelle Howell: ‘”Faction and Enmities and Emulations”: the activities of Henrietta Maria’s circle in the 1630s'

6 February: Toby Barnard, 'Writing the History of early modern Ireland in the early 18th century’

13 February: Sophie Murray: ‘Humour and the English Reformation’

20 February: Satoshi Tsujimoto: ‘”Between the Crown and the Locality”: Hull garrison, 1660-1688’

27 February: Jeremy Schildt: ‘Devotional reading and note-taking in seventeenth-century England’

[these details via the LRS]


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