Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Stachniewski Memorial Lecture

Jerome de Groot writes ...

I am delighted to invite you to this year’s John Stachniewski Memorial Lecture, an annual event held in honour of one of our most distinguished late colleagues. This year, Professor Alan Sinfield will address the topic ‘Muscle Marys, Englit and Subcultural Work: Minority Reading in a Cold Season’.

John Stachniewski was a well known writer on early modern religion, Lecturer in English at Manchester and President of the MAUT Local Association. He tragically died, very young, in 1996. An annual memorial lecture was set up in collaboration between MAUT (now UMUCU) and the English and American Studies Department. Stachniewski lecturers have included John Carey, Gary Taylor, Richard Wilson, Willy Maley, and Catherine Belsey. Next year’s lecturer is Kate McCluskie.

The lecture will be held at 5pm on Wednesday 27 February in the Alexander Lecture Theatre, Samuel Alexander Building, University of Manchester.

Further details:
Dr Jerome de Groot
English and American Studies
S1.16, Samuel Alexander Building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL
0161 2753170


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