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Dramaturgy Workshop
by the Anatomy Players,
Department of Spanish and Spanish American Studies,
King's College, London
Friday 7 March 2008
2 pm onwards
Venue: the Attic Space (adjacent to the Anatomy Lecture Theatre) Strand Building

Dear colleagues,
As part of the ongoing commitment of the Department of Spanish and Spanish American Studies to Theatre in Translation, it is proposed to hold a practical workshop exploring the dramaturgical possibilities of a variety of short scenes from Lope de Vega' play Chile Tamed (Arauco domado). We shall be appraising existing translations and creating new ones.
No previous knowledge of Spanish will be required.
Literal translations of scenes from the play into English will be provided up front or on the day. Participants who are speakers of other languages are encouraged to participate also, as are any interested parties across departments and disciplines within King's College or from outside. It is hoped to provide a useful workshop experience for anyone interested in manipulating an original text from a foreign language into English for dramaturgical purposes. The objective of the event is to focus on process, process, process.
How does one tackle conceptual and cultural problems in the transition to English? How does one avoid anachronism in rendering Renaissance texts? What are the impacts of various verse forms on dramatic pace and mood? How does ones own material sound when performed? Should verse be translated as prose? Is there a role for the "literal" translation? What about blank verse?
The event will give participants an opportunity to be creative both in writing and (if desired) reading and performance. It will be of interest to students of Spanish, Drama/Theatre studies, Comparative Literature, English and any other related subjects in the field of the Renaissance or Baroque.
The day is planned as follows:
Part I: 2 p.m. 2:40 p.m.

* Brief introductory remarks by David McGrath

* The Reading/performance of a four-minute scene from Lope de Vega's Arauco domado (c.1600)

* A reading/performance of the same scene done "literally" into English for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2003

* A reading/performance of the same scene done into English iambic pentameters, as performed at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London during June 2007

* Short plenary on the above

* New reading of the same scene done into octosyllables in English by David McGrath

Part II: 2:40 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

* Introduction of extracts from other scenes from the same play: e.g. the impaling of Caupolican; the love scene between Caupolican and Fresia. These extracts will be planned to run to no more than 20 lines, to allow time for participants to study the existing literal translation in English and complete a version of their own devising in a variety of verse/blank verse/prose forms. This will be done hopefully in teams. Bilingual or multilingual versions will be most welcome.

Part III: 3:30 p.m.- 4 p.m

* Readings/performances of material devised during part 2, interspersed with discussion and commentary from participants. (Note: if desired, it is planned that the workshop could run on while people take refreshment - provided by the Department - and continue to devise/read/perform/discuss).

Please contact Dr David McGrath,
Visiting Research Fellow (Dramaturgy),
KCL Dept of Spanish and Spanish American Studies


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